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Stay aware and in touch with one another to protect and build a safer community.

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Cavalry connects to your community and the resources you need.

Cavalry is a free mobile app that allows for easy recording of threatening, uncomfortable and emergency incidents with law enforcement. With one-tap, you can instantly capture your location, time, date and automatically send a notification to your safety network—all backed up to the Cloud.

For the Black and people of color stopped by police officers with things ending in violence.
For the Black & POC men and women who never knew their friend or family member was in danger.
For the parents of children who worry when their child is away from home.
For all people of color who need to capture the unjust racial experiences and share it with those who can help.

Popular Features

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Record incidents

One-tap recording captures your location and automatically notifies your safety network. You can also capture incidents via camera and video.

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Rating system

Rate your encounter with the Police. Ratings are only valuable if you’re honest about your experience.

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Alert your Safety network

Add your friends and family to your Safety Network, so they instantly get informed when you are in a threatening situation.

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Cloud Syncing

Incident recordings are stored in Cloud Drive and will be available on all your devices or save them directly on your phone.

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Capture critical details

Add in additional details - things like witnesses, police information, notes, and rating. Share the incident report with friends and family.

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Connect to lawyers

Everyone has the same fundamental rights. We want to make sure you know your rights, how to exercise them, and what to do when your rights are violated.

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Network of Lawyers waiting to connect

Find a Lawyer in your area. Attorney profiles display contact information, website, areas of expertise, and all Attorneys listed offer a free consultation.


Get the answers and support you need to legally and safely stand up against injustice.

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Join a nationwide network of attorneys stepping up to support the fight for racial justice and confront the inequities in the Black community.

Hey from the Cavalry Team

At Cavalry, our mission is to provide a safe and easy way for the Black community to stay safe and have the proper resources to protect each other. There is a lack of accountability with law enforcement that has led to violence and growing mistrust. Police misconduct often fails to be addressed as many Black & People of Color are unsure how to interface with lawyers, and isolation during these encounters leads to problematic situations. If you have questions about our product, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you.